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A Room to Store Happiness

by Queen Of The Meadow

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Queen of the Meadow est le projet d’Helen Ferguson, qui écrit et compose ses morceaux intimes et épurés. Avec Julien Pras (Calc, Mars Red Sky...) à ses côtés, ils les parent ensemble d’arrangements délicats. Anciennement son professeur, il l’accompagne aujourd’hui sur scène pour former ce duo folk originaire de Bordeaux.

Son premier album sorti en 2016 intitulé Aligned With Juniper (Tiny Room Records), compilait les premières chansons d’Helen, celles de l’urgence et de la catharsis.

Se tenant éloignée de la musique pendant quelques mois, c’est à la faveur d’une forte inspiration qu’Helen finit par reprendre la gui- tare. Elle compose Withdrawn et ce morceau marque le disque de son empreinte, car il donne l’impulsion, la couleur et l’état d’esprit de l’album. La mélancolie est ici présente, certes, dans de multiples couches de voix, dans le ton grave que le timbre d’Helen peut prendre (Empty Room), dans la douceur des arpèges de guitare (Perfect Harmony) et même dans les cymbales qui semblent pourtant vouloir l’évincer (Slumber).

Mais A Room to Store Happiness est avant tout une pièce imaginée pour collecter les petites joies, de sorte qu’Helen et l’auditeur puissent leur rendre visite. Les émotions ici rangées sont intimes mais lumineuses, mélancoliques mais combatives. L’architecte du lieu a de plus installé bien des sièges pour vous y recevoir, il ne vous reste plus qu’une porte à pousser...

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Queen of the Meadow is the musical project of Helen Ferguson, author and composer of intimate and pared-down pieces. With Julien Pras (Calc, Mars Red Sky...) by her side, together they adorn these songs of delicate arrangements. Formerly her guitar professor, he now shares the stage with her to form this Bordeaux based folk duo.

Her first album entitled “Aligned with Juniper” was released in June 2016 on the label Tiny Room Records (NL) and compiled Helen’s very first songs, songs of urgency and catharsis.

After withdrawing herself from the writing process for several months, she was moved by a strong inspiration and finally picked up her guitar once again. She composed “Withdrawn” and this piece set the tone for the rest of the album, as it gave the impulse, the color and the state of mind of the opus. Here, melancholy is certainly present, in the many layers of vocals, in the deep low timbre that Helen’s voice can take (“Empty Room”), in the gentle guitar arpeggios (“Perfect Harmony”) and even in the cymbals which seem to want to take power (“Slumber”).

But “A Room to Store Happiness” is before all a room imagined to collect little moments of joy, so that Helen, and her listener can come visit them. The emotions which are stored there are intimate but luminous, melancholic yet combative. Moreover, the architect of the place has set up many seats to welcome you in. There’s only one door left for you to push...


released October 5, 2018

All songs written by Helen Ferguson.

Produced and arranged by Helen Ferguson and Julien Pras.

Helen : Lead vocals, backing vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, « monkey cymbals » with all my heart and focus... Julien : Backing vocals, electric and Nashville guitar, piano, bass, drums and percussions, autoharp.

Recorded and mixed by Julien Pras at Mad Reed. Mastered by Tammo Kersbergen.

Cover and inside pictures by Charlotte Cornudet.
Layout by Caroline Collon.


all rights reserved



Queen Of The Meadow Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Withdrawn
Coal black stream
Running through my vein
Silent scream
As i let it drain
Cold white feet
I shovel in my fear
Then i hear
A ho oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Swallowed it all
From the devil’s hand
Twist and crawl
As i put it to an end
If i could disappear
But then i hear
A ho oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Watch my brain, as it goes
Watch my pain as it grows
Will i pay the price in gold
Or in sanity

Old chemistry
Tampering with my head
If i could see
I’d bite the apple instead
Sweet poetry
In an endless dream
But then i hear
A ho oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Track Name: Heavenly Start
By brushing the skin of her hand
You tread on no lily-white land
On many oceans this ship had sailed
Drifting to no avail

And sealing your fate with one kiss
You carved your name on the list
Enrolled brave little soldier
To war you levy her

I anchored my vessel at last
On a steady heart
Proud mate I disembarked
And prayed that such heavenly start
Herald the joy that your light will cast

Tearing windmills for your bride
Under her whimsical eye
She'll give the attention that she can spare
A soul beyond repair

And as you dived into her glance
You didn't stand a chance
Bewitched blind little warrior
Through hell you carry her
Track Name: Fairytopia
In that room there’s a man
Who drowns puppies in his piss
A man who might just want to
Beat you with his fists
A man who will despise you all
And make you feel like you’re the evil one

Angels i’ll take you back
Where you belong
This is no place for a princess
We’ll ride our unicorns and fly
Where the sun never darkens

In that room there’s an infant
Who is bleeding herself to death
And there’s nothing you can do
To bring back her breath
And there will always be the people
Who make you feel like you’re the failing one

And i’m starting to think that
Angels I should take you back
Where you belong
This is no place for a princess
We’ll ride our unicorns and fly
Where the sun never darkens
Track Name: Valentine's Day
The night has wrapped her body
In the darkest overcoat
I cannot help but worry
That my demons proudly gloat
That I am left helpless
Vulnerable carrion
For despair to caress
For vultures to feed on

Sweet angel from afar
Praising my every tune
If I'm your lucky star
Then you're my honeymoon

The land of dreams has opened
And I have seen your face
And all the words unspoken
Have fallen with full grace
When I am left alone
And all hope goes astray
Your faith will be my own
My secret get away

But of the brightest sparkles
This blackness you array
Adorned of the finest jewels
The Queen of all dismay
Will dance on Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day
Track Name: Royal Garden
In my orchard carefully drawn
Tired eyes will capture the dawn
Morning dew of trickling tears
And honeydew will sweeten my fears
In my garden

Feel the winds gently blow
See the black-eyed Susans
Here they grow
Watch the soft pussy willow
Hear the sweet sound
Of greater sorrow

In my orchard I contemplate
Push up daisies, dig up mandrake
On the sunlight I greedily feast
And come what might I don't care the least
In my Eden

Paper-mâché wonderland
A world of my own self-brand
A song sparrow starts a tune
A praise of my own self-ruin

Feel the winds gently blow
See the black-eyed-susans
Here they grow
He's the King of all sorrow
But I'm the Queen
Of the Meadow
Track Name: Ashes Adèle
Paper ashes white and gray
Fall, curl and sway
On her eyelids
On her knees down and pray
The lord for his wings
So she flies right in
In the den of his Friend

Glow the embers of hell
For her the bell tolls
Blow on the flames
That'll be licking her hair
Ashes Adèle

Batting lashes start a storm
Crawl home to Rome
Over high hills
She will cast her last spell

She has no shadow
No reflection in the glass
She is the widow
Of all lost loves that have passed
Foam of ashes in her mouth
Against the scarlet of her lip
A white trickling avalanche
She'll take you in her grip
Track Name: Slumber
While you slept there was a storm
See what’s left of our home
Broken glass wallpapers that are torn
The frames of shattered dreams
Here lay
I swept the pieces at day
While you slept we saw a creature
Lurking patient in the corner
It was waiting for the weakest one
To cave and fail our hopes
Here lay
I shake the dread off at day

Are you ever gonna wake up
Steer yourself from the dark
If you’re ever gonna wake up
We could go for a walk

While you slept there was a rainbow
Spreading all colors in a row
Laying for us the path to follow
But you missed it all for here
You lay
I may fetch my bundle some day

Slumber over you
The sandman sealed your eyes
You're off to better times
Slumber is what you do
So you don't deal with life
Hardships and trials

But you missed it all for here
You lay
Track Name: Perfect Harmony
Few chords flutter with grace
In the summer of laziness
This one that you discarded once
Is the mother on whom you could rest
Who knows if you're cursed or blessed

Your fingers light as air
Dance like fairies in children tales
This one that you resented once
That you buried a token you could spare
Who knows if it's truth or dare

Can I sing along
Add a brick in your wall
Or should I do that alone
And just watch
As she steps in my throne
Throws up keys
In a sound
Of perfect harmonies

Then comes a melody
Angelbird rise in pure beauty
This one that you've mistaken once
Has never heard of an F, A or a G
Though she's always done her best

Can I sing along
Add a brick in your wall
Or should I do that alone
And just watch
As she steps in my throne
Throws up keys
To compose the tragic symphony
In which I can no longer star
Dumb spectator of the show from afar
As the crowd will revel in the sound
Of perfect harmonies
Track Name: Empty Room
Closer the walls are drawing
Bone-crushing silence weighing
On my chest and neck
The devil's minion is lying on my womb
Barren tomb
Empty room
Black moon
But the silken dress
Reflects the light and hope of the oppressed

In the empty room
I sing aloud
Filling the void with any sound
But what is the meaning of the calling
From the empty room

The velvet curtain is closing
Tonight I'll be returning
To my broken nest
Outside the birds are singing out of tune
Barred windows
Empty ruin
I brood
I will make a mess
And play house with the weak and the depressed

All in all
I'll make the call
To say that I'm fine
So that I glide
Under the radar
In a quiet fall
Track Name: Orpheus
Charming the stones
Of the river that cries and moans
Turning the sorrowful flow
Into glowing
Unfolded secrets
Of an intricate everlasting
Kind of joy

You took down the lyre of Orpheus
From where the Gods hung it high
Out of millions of stars in the sky
It was you

Down in the Underworld
Back with your beloved
You'd never set eyes
On the valuable prize
Unravel the riddle
Of a passionate ever-growing
Kind of love

When the sirens all called your name
I'm the one you claimed

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